Verde Blocks for Sustainable Power

​Responsible Renewable Electricity Purchasing: The new option from American PowerNet

Because of the growth in renewable electricity generation, the electricity market is quickly evolving from a limited number of large centralized power plants to thousands of smaller sustainable generation farms. This change is causing a challenge for large electricity buyers and sellers to find each other. In the past, any organization that wanted to be proactive and purchase sustainable power required a 15-20 year commitment while a project was being built. Most organizations are not in a position to do this.

Verde Blocks is American PowerNet’s solution to this problem. Verde Blocks provides buyers a platform to competitively request wholesale blocks of sustainable power down to a minimum size of 1 MW (1000 KW) for 1 month. From years of building an infrastructure of ISO memberships and state supplier licenses for large buyers to utilize, American PowerNet is in a unique position to bring all parties together and manage the complexities of physical delivery from the wholesale market to the retail meters.

In short, we’ve opened the door for many more organizations to enter the wholesale renewable electricity market. If renewable power acquisition is an important initiative for you but was out of reach before, Verde Blocks could very well be your solution.

“Let the Wind and the Sun compete for your electric.”

Verde Blocks is a wholesale electric platform that buyers can use to request power bundled with Renewable Energy Credits, (RECs), and wholesale electric sellers can respond to bids where payment is assured upon delivery. Verde Blocks was created by American PowerNet, an independent energy management firm that developed the first wholesale electric procurement structure over fifteen years ago and has been assisting large institutions and corporations purchase power directly from generators and wholesale marketers ever since.

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